I Saw it on Pinterest: Tiles Under the Kitchen Sink

If there’s one website that I, as a 24 year old woman, am completely and 100% shamelessly addicted to, it’s Pinterest. Pre-Pinterest I would bookmark websites and ideas like a beast. I had folders within folders of my bookmarks page. It looked so nice. It was near and orderly and it was totally chock full of websites, but how often did I really click on any of them?

Oh that’s right. Never.

Some people roll their eyes at the idea of pinterest while my fellow craftees, homemakers, and fashion addicts will foam at the mouth every time new pins come up in our feed.

Once I learned to crochet, and then bought a house, my pinning sprees became manic and I actually began to do more than just look at what I’d pinned. I started doing them!

So I’m starting this series within the blog. I Saw it on Pinterest. A catalogue of all the projects I’ve tried and the results of them. I’m willing to bet that a good 70% of them will be nothing like what the Pinterest gods have created, but I’ll try. 😉

The first project actually wasn’t my project, but Mr. Frenchie’s. We had seen that pin floating around, the one everybody is doing: putting tiles under the kitchen sink.

So Pretty!

So Pretty!

$30 and a quick run to Home Depot later, Mr. was happily toting home a box of vinyl peel and stick tiles. Whoever created them was definitely genius, and I have to thank whomever came up with this awesome idea. It was super easy, and Mr. prided himself in his very first home improvement job.


I really hate the look of drying racks on the counter, so I repurposed mine as a cleaning supply organizer. Works like a charm!

But… after buying a box of 30 tiles and only using six of them, Mr. Frenchie got the itch to do more. And more he did. So much more in fact that one box tiled all 5 of our bottom cabinets plus their shelves!


Edging the shelf with it added a lovely touch, don’t you think?

Even the tiny cabinet got some love!

Even the tiny cabinet got some love!

So all in all, this pinterest project was definitely a success! Easy and practical, there’s no wonder it’s been popping up everywhere!

Thanks for reading. Stay inspired!

Frenchie xo


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