Work In Progress: Studio Tour

My office/studio/craft room was the very last room to get unpacked. And by that I mean we had done painting in rooms before I even unpacked a box in here.

Studio in the house listing photo

Studio in the house listing photo

When we moved in, it looked pretty much exactly like that except without all the files. The desk and chair were left with the house, as were those little tables, which will be good for outside. 😉 It didn’t look that neat for long though, because this was the room where most of the boxes went. Between crochet and candles, I had more stuff for this room than we all had for any other. Then of course there was all my other craft supplies which, admittedly, I haven’t even opened yet.


I lived out of boxes like this for three weeks

Then I finally got around to painting it, and it became less messy (because everything inside got moved to the living room!)

There was no way I was pulling that desk out.

There was no way I was pulling that desk out.

Then it got painted (there are six walls in this room. That wasn’t fun), and Mr. Frenchie replaced those horrible mini blinds with some sweet cordless shades. While it’s still a work in progress, I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve set up so far.



BAM! Yarn cakes

Walking in you get a fresh dose of yarn. That part is temporary, but it’s a spare shelving unit I had hanging around and for now, it works. In the basket there are my squares for the 2014 Moogly Crochet-A-Long. Anyone else doing it? I’m 7 (yes. SEVEN) squares behind, but I will catch up!


Come on in!

Those WIP bags are hanging from old curtain hooks that (I have a feeling) will be very reluctant to come off the window frame. I’m taking full advantage of them until I get my yarn corner the way I want it.


Friendly Fire Candles is finally organized again!

I had finally gotten a shelving unit for our candles! The ones I had used in the apartment became our pantry, and I needed a solution quick! I suppose 3 weeks isn’t exactly quick, but a trip to The Container Store landed me with that awesome 6 shelf iron unit. I love it.


The Pink Ladies


Finally my photo props also have a place of their own!


Awww Yissssss

Awww Yissssss

I was super happy that the seller let us have this desk and chair. It’s super roomy and I’m able to fit a lot on it. I got clever and made it L shaped by adding my shipping cart and yarn table to the ends of it 🙂


I live for shipping supplies some days.

Bcards copy

Business cards, ribbon, and stamps to make your parcel pretty 😀


In case you’re wondering, I did design and create those shoes



One of my favourite items ever. A Rurouni Kenshin Okita Soushi action figure. It took me ten years to get my hands on him. We have since become great friends.


This is where I keep my personal skeins before they get small enough to become cakes. Look at all that yellow. Eventually I’ll get around to writing the pattern it’s all for. =P


If you’re wondering who the kid in the lion costume is, that’s me.

And then of course, all the things on my priority list.

And then of course, all the things on my priority list.

That magnetic strip is amazing. $4.99 (I think) at The Container store. It came with the 4 round magnets and then I bought a set of 6 clips for another $7ish. I’ll definitely be going back for more.

And there you have it! The studio so far! It’s now a super comfortable environment for crochet, writing, and business-y things. 🙂

Thanks for reading and stay inspired!

Frenchie xo


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