I love Hexagons & Babies



As far as crochet goes, afghans are definitely my favourite. Because I can’t be loading up my house with afghan after afghan, I sit and wait until someone announces they are expecting. So far, there haven’t been very many in my social circle ready to become parents or expand their families. Boooo.

I did recently have the opportunity to hook for a baby and wasted no time in heading to the store. Before I got the news I already knew exactly what I was going to do and had three colour schemes in mind. Non-crocheters (and knitters) may think this is obsessive or crazy, but believe me when I tell you this is completely normal hooker behavior.

I decided to work with one of my very favourite patterns, the Baby Love Brand Geometric Lace Blanket. I’ve used her hexagon motif countless times, and though I join my hexes differently than she does, it’s also a very easy and addicting pattern. I recommend it to everyone.

Border is #117 from the Crochet book Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman

Though the arrangement of the hexagons may appear random, it isn’t. That’s where maybe I am a little bit crazy, arranging things purposefully to look random. The reason for this is so while having no particular order, the colours are still evenly distributed throughout the piece.


All completed and ready for placing!


Yeah that looks about right!








Then they get stacked by row so I never lose track of what’s next. 🙂

I feel like I’m one of the few hookers out there who thoroughly enjoys sewing motifs together, but I do, because once everything is placed together, you get something new! That and it’s relaxing. I pieced this together while watching Attack on Titan and then Cold Mountain, because I have to keep my hands busy when I watch television. :3


I use Caron Simply Soft yarn for these so the hexes tend to be more airy and puff out slightly for a cool texture

The yarns I used for this are (all Caron Simply soft)

  • Bone
  • White
  • Dark Country Blue
  • Light Country Blue

All folded up and ready for gifting!

Thanks for having a peek at my latest project!

Stay inspired!

Frenchie xo



Work In Progress: Studio Tour

My office/studio/craft room was the very last room to get unpacked. And by that I mean we had done painting in rooms before I even unpacked a box in here.

Studio in the house listing photo

Studio in the house listing photo

When we moved in, it looked pretty much exactly like that except without all the files. The desk and chair were left with the house, as were those little tables, which will be good for outside. 😉 It didn’t look that neat for long though, because this was the room where most of the boxes went. Between crochet and candles, I had more stuff for this room than we all had for any other. Then of course there was all my other craft supplies which, admittedly, I haven’t even opened yet.


I lived out of boxes like this for three weeks

Then I finally got around to painting it, and it became less messy (because everything inside got moved to the living room!)

There was no way I was pulling that desk out.

There was no way I was pulling that desk out.

Then it got painted (there are six walls in this room. That wasn’t fun), and Mr. Frenchie replaced those horrible mini blinds with some sweet cordless shades. While it’s still a work in progress, I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve set up so far.


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Stained Glass Intro

I figured I’d kick off this new blog with a big project I’ve undertaken. Most of what I work on, when I’m not running my handmade candle business, is crochet. I picked up a hook in September 2013 and there’s rarely a day where I don’t work on something. I found that my love lies in afghans and I’m always looking for a reason to whip one up.

One of my bridesmaids is now a bride-to-be and of course the moment she got engaged I knew exactly what I had to do. A friend and I went halfsies on a fantastic book full of afghans and I immediately fell in love with most of them, the Stained Glass Window Afghan in particular.

My yarn colours, minus the yellow which I accidentally packed up!

My yarn colours, minus the yellow which I accidentally packed up!

You’ll all soon come to realize that I don’t abide by the rules, and I rarely take suggestions. Though the pattern itself, to emulate stained glass, is done mostly in black, I didn’t quite find such a dark piece to be appropriate for a wedding. I decided to switch it out for white and incorporate the feel of one of those old, airy, white wooden churches. So far, I’m in love.


I’ve decided to start off with the suggested 12 blocks, but I have a feeling I’ll be adding more, as I want the newlyweds to be able to cuddle up under this. (The bride is a huge fan of sappy romance films!)

Oof. Looks like someone needs to be blocked.

I hope to have it done by July so I don’t have to worry about any crunch time, as I believe her shower will be around August/September. I have plans for a cathedral edging, but I do that one often, so I might stalk out something new. 🙂

Thanks for reading and welcome to the blog! I hope you always find something to inspire you.

Until next time,

Frenchie xo